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March 28, 2016

The Pinnacle of Wordplay: Will Eno’s TITLE AND DEED


Title and Deed

Will Eno

What is it all about?
“Exactly.” Title and Deed is a monologue delivered by one man known simply as “Man.” He is not from here, in fact he is foreign. But that doesn’t stop him from exploring what it means to live everyday life, be it somewhere or nowhere at all. From the linguistics of words to the customs of holidays and so much in between, Man explores the pockets of the mind like rabbit holes until he decides the monologue should end.

Why should you do this play?
Eno is arguably one of the best wordsmiths writing for the theatre today, and Title and Deed is the pinnacle of his wordplay. This show provides an actor with the opportunity to really dive into text and unearth meaning larger than words and in some instances life itself. For those looking to produce theatre that speaks truthfully to the waywardness of thought and perspective, look no further.

The Particulars:
Almost none. A bare stage, a bag with a stick and lunchbox are all that is needed to produce the show.

Need to listen:
The beauty of the play is in the exploration and the sudden twists of ideas. To get a sense of this, and the play as a whole, take a listen to a section of the play delivered by Michael Patrick Thornton, from the production at Lookingglass Theatre in Chicago in May of 2015 below.

To purchase a copy of Title and Deed, click here, and to learn more about licensing a production, click here.