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January 15, 2016

Spectacle, Imagination & Vikings: The Making of an Adventure Musical


Yo, Vikings!


Sam Wilmott and Marcus Stevens

What It’s All About:
Emma Katz is a fifth grader searching for her calling. When her teacher assigns her a project about Viking Erik the Red, Emma is gung-ho for an adventure. Her adventure tasked to her by a group of Vikings who spring to life from a library book is to gather a crew of her classmates and teachers to prove that she can be a leader and a true Viking chieftain. It’s not until Emma realizes that the adventure in life is the one that’s in front of her that she leads her classmates to saving their school library from closing.

Why You Should Do This Play:
This truly is a musical for everyone to enjoy. Younger audience members will be floored by the spectacle and imagination of the show while older audience members will appreciate the song structure and the wholesome message of kids not being afraid to express who they are and what they love. And who doesn’t love a good Viking story?!

The Particulars:
This is larger cast (14 total) and musically might be a bit more difficult for younger actors to initially learn. But Yo, Vikings! is one of several shows that offer accompaniment CDs should you choose to go without an orchestra.

Need To Know:
Yo, Vikings! is based on a children’s book by the same name, inspired by real events of a girl being sent an Icelandic longboat by the Leif Erikson Society. She and her friends then inspired Viking Day in Swarthmore, PA when they got inside the boats and told Viking mythology stories.