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January 26, 2016

Re-Imagining The Musical: The Story of BIG NATE


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It’s no secret that there is a trend in musical theatre these days. Audiences love to see well-known movies, books, and stories re-imagined as musicals – and comic strips are no exception.

“Big Nate,” a wildly popular comic-strip by Lincoln Pierce that burst onto the scene in 1991, has become a beacon of childhood for a new generation. These toons, whose main character is a rambunctious sixth grader, have made their way to the stage in the form of a musical. Adapted by Jason Loewith, Christopher Youstra and Lincoln Pierce, this piece is the perfect show for all ages to perform and enjoy.

The premier production of Big Nate was helmed by Adventure Theatre based in the D.C. area. This production ran from May 3- June 2, 2013 and toured the nation from October 13-Novermber 29, 2014 to become a runaway success.

The show is now available for general licensing and applications can be submitted here. Check out Adventure Theatre’s tour page here.

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