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April 23, 2019

Our Picks for the 2019/20 Season: K-12 Edition


Planning a season for K-12 students can be challenging. So before you get stuck trying to choose the perfect play or musical, check out our list of top picks for 2019/20, which were handpicked by our Licensing team. This list includes a variety of musicals, plays, and short plays that we feel would stand out in your school programming.

Want more options than the below? Check out the full catalog of K-12 Season Planning picks here.


  1. Chicago: High School Edition by Fred Ebb, Bob Fosse, John Kander and Maurine Dallas Watkins (Comedy/ 9m, 10f)

  2. Rock of Ages: High School Edition by Chris D’Arienzo (Comedy / 9m, 11f, 10m or f )

  3. Rock of Ages: Middle School Edition by Chris D’Arienzo (Short Musical / 9m, 11f, 10m or f )

  4. Heathers the Musical: High School Edition by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy (Dark Comedy / 8m, 9f)

  5. Tuck Everlasting by Claudia Shear, Chris Miller, Nathan Tysen and Tim Federle (Comedy / 6m, 3f, 1 girl)

  6. Jasper in Deadland by Hunter Foster and Ryan Scott Oliver (Dark Comedy / 5m, 4f)

  7. Amelie by Craig Lucas, Nathan Tysen and Daniel Messe (Comedy / 7m, 5f, 1 girl)

  8. Glimpses of the Moon by Tajlei Levis and John Mercurio (Dramatic Comedy / 3m, 3f)

  9. Fly by Night by Kim Rosenstock, Michael Mitnick and Will Connolly (Dark Comedy / 5m, 2f)

  10. 35mm: A Musical Exhibition by Ryan Scott Oliver and Matthew Murphy (Full Length Musical/ 3m, 2f)

  11. Hands on Hardbody by Doug Wright, Amanda Green and Trey Anastasio (Dramatic Comedy / 9m, 6f)

  12. Perfect Harmony by Andrew Grosso and The Essentials (Comedy / 5m, 5f)

  13. Big Nate by Jason Loewith, Lincoln Peirce and Christopher Youstra (Comedy/ 4m 3f)

  14. Side Show (2014 Broadway Revival) by Henry Krieger and Bill Russell (Drama / 14m, 7f )

  15. LUCK! A Musical by Mark Waldrop, Brad Ross and Isaac Bashevis Singer (Comedy / 6m, 6f)

  16. Skyscraper by Elmer Rice, Sammy Cahn, James Van Heusen and Peter Stone (Comedy / 11m, 5f)


  1. Lost Girl by Kimberly Belflower (Dramatic Comedy / 6m, 6f)

  2. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by John Heimbuch, Jon Ferguson (Drama / 2m, 1f, 7m or f)

  3. Athena by Gracie Gardner (Dramatic Comedy / 3f)

  4. Shakespeare in Love: High School Edition by Tom Stoppard, Lee Hall and Marc Norman (Comedy / 18m, 6f)

  5. Let the Right One In by Jack Thorne (Drama / 6m, 3f)

  6. Begets: Fall of a High School Ronin by Qui Nguyen (Dark Comedy / 3m, 5f)

  7. The Oregon Trail by Bekah Brunstetter (Comedy / 2m, 3f)

  8. Bulrusher by Eisa Davis (Drama / 3m, 3f)

  9. Pocatello by Samuel D. Hunter (Drama / 5m, 5f)

  10. Who is Theo by David L. Kimple (Comedy / 2m, 2f, 1m or f) 

  11. A Comedy of Tenors by Ken Ludwig (Comedy / 4m, 3f)

  12. Old Money by Wendy Wasserstein (Dramatic Comedy / 3m, 4f)

  13. The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie, Sarah Punshon and  Johann Hari (Dramatic Comedy / 4m, 4f)

  14. Splitting Heirs by Freyda Thomas (Comedy / 4m, 3f)

  15. Hazelwood Jr. High by Rob Urbinati (Drama / 6f)

  16. Ben Hur by Patrick Barlow (Come
    dy / 3m, 1f)

  17. Making Book by Janet Reed (Comedy / 2m, 3f)

  18. The Untold Yippie Project by Becca Schlossberg (Dramatic Comedy / 8m or f)

  19. 26 Pebbles by Eric Ulloa (Drama / 2m, 4f)

  20. Horse Girls by Jenny Rachel Weiner (Dark Comedy / 7f )

  21. The Awesome 80’s Prom by Ken Davenport (Comedy / 12m, 8f)

  22. Middletown by Will Eno (Dramatic Comedy / 6m, 6f)

  23. Henry, Episode IV: A New Hope by Don Zolidis (Comedy / 9m, 14f, 3m or f)

  24. Victoria Martin: Math Team Queen by Kathryn Walat (Comedy / 4m, 1f)

  25. Project Murder: The Elimination Challenge, or Murder on the Runway by Don Zolidis (Comedy / 3m, 3f, 2m or f)

  26. Geek! by Crystal Skillman (Comedy / 2m, 4f)

Short Plays

  1. And Action by Eleanor Burgess (Dramatic Comedy / 3m, 7f)

  2. How the Moon Would Talk by Nick Gandiello (Short Play / 3m, 6f)

  3. Landlines by Hannah Bos, Paul Thureen (Comedy / 9m or f)

  4. Rat Court by Boo Killebrew (Drama / 2m, 8f)

  5. Tilda Swinton Betrayed Us by A. Rey Pamatmat (Dramatic Comedy / 6f, 4m or f)

  6. The Dance Company by Jonathan Caren (Comedy / 4m, 7f)

  7. Flip Turn by Madeleine George (Comedy / 6m, 4f )

  8. Syd Arther by Kenny Finkle (Drama / 9m, 4f)

  9. Going Left by Kristoffer Diaz (Drama / 14m, 2f)

  10. A Polar Bear in New Jersey by Anna Moench (Comedy / 3m, 7f, 4m or f)

  11. The Lost Girl (or First Chair) by Lauren Yee (Dramatic Comedy / 5m, 6f)

  12. The Astonishing and Dangerous History of Mazefield the Frog by Jen Silverman (Comedy / 2m, 3f, 6m or f )

  13. Old Folks by Max Posner (Drama / 5m, 5f)