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July 21, 2017

Getting Ready to GLOW


GLOW, one of the summer’s biggest TV hits, has audiences digging into the nostalgia of the 80’s and cheering for women that kick butt. (Not to mention reminiscing about tying towels around our necks and jumping from our beds onto stuffed animals or siblings.)

As much as viewers love binging the wrestling themed Netflix series, it’s also a fascinating peek into the cutthroat theatre and film industry. There are a number of great articles that go a bit deeper into the real events that inspired the series (here, here, and here for example) but Samuel French is excited to see how much of a role our playwrights, and even our bookshop, have in the show.

In the season pilot, Alison Brie’s character takes a scene study class set in our Los Angeles book store. Our LA Bookstore Manager, Joyce Mehess, actually had input on how the scene would be set up for a scene study class. The scene was almost cut, but we’re glad to see the green room getting some time on the Netflix screen.

Beyond what shows up after the final edit, the show’s writers and creators have quite a hold in our catalog. Check out the list of plays written by GLOW creatives below. Cast member and podcast host Marc Maron also conducted an interview with some of those creatives on his show WTF, which you can listen to here.

LIZ FLAHIVE – Co-Creator
From Up Here
The Madrid

All Hail Hurricane Gordo
Now Circa Then

KRISTOFFER DÍAZ – Writer, 10 episodes
The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

RACHEL SHUKERT – Writer, 10 episodes
The Nosemaker’s Apprentice

NICK JONES – Writer, 2 episodes
The Coward
Important Hats of the Twentieth Century
The Nosemaker’s Apprentice