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July 26, 2016

Beauty and Standards: Everything You Touch


Everything You Touch

Shelia Callaghan

What’s It All About:
In the 1970s, we follow Victor and Esme, a ruthless fashion designer and his gorgeous appearance obsessed muse. When a simple Midwestern woman enters their lives, she begins to transform Victor, his thoughts on fashion, and his relationship with Esme. Meanwhile in the present day, we follow Jessica, who is dealing with a large sense of self-loathing as she makes the journey to say goodbye to her estranged mother. The play illuminates the struggle to find an identity that is based on more than appearance, and how this fight continues to manifest through the decades.
Why You Should Do This Play:
This piece points a laser sharp focus on our culture that is built on appearances, as well as how the decades have not changed our basic feelings and views on “beauty standards.” There is great opportunity for costume and stage design throughout the decades presented during the play. It is sharp, abrasive and calls the audience to be attentive to what is being said – not just what they are being shown.

The Particulars:
2m, 6f. This play can be set up very easily as elements on stage are quite limited. Instead, there is a chorus of models who create many of the large set pieces by staying onstage during the entire play. Their presence is humorous, adding a sense of lightness to heavier scenes.

Need To Know:
Everything You Touch is exciting and direct. There’s no doubt that interested theaters should be prepared and ready to tackle the challenge.

To purchase a copy of Everything You Touch, click here, and to learn more about licensing a production, click here.